While the gas distribution system in Massachusetts is largely buried underground, the dangers of relying on gas are all around us. For many, memories of gas explosions and fires fade into the past. Single incidents, while they happen regularly and expose multiple hazards, aren’t connected in media reports. Even community-wide disasters like the collapse of the gas system in the Merrimack Valley can slip from public attention.

Massachusetts is rolling the dice every day.

Public safety, health, and climate are all at risk from leaking gas and the impacts of methane. Meanwhile, money from both ratepayers and shareholders is being wasted by investing in a dangerous system.

Despite the magnitude of the problem, we can solve it.

Rolling the Dice: Assessment of Gas System Safety in Massachusetts presents documented incidents and publicly available facts about the gas distribution system that add up to an urgent message to legislators, the executive branch, municipalities, and gas companies to take action now. Immediate and short-term improvements can greatly enhance public safety. At the same time, Massachusetts can accelerate measures to transition away from gas to safer, healthier, affordable renewable energy.

Now You Know—Here’s What You Can Do

Concerned community members can use the information below to get involved in triaging the worst leaks for repair while transitioning to a better future.

Distribute this one-page summary of the report

Provide an executive summary in Spanish or in English

Urge adoption of the Triage and Transition Recommendations

Handout this summary of the FUTURE Act

Read and share “Another Gas Scare” about the 9/27/19 gas leak

Write a Letter to the Editor

Repost our blog What I Learned from the Merrimack Valley Gas Disaster

Background Information Supporting the Report

2018 Gas Distribution System Description

FUTURE Act text

Town Letter to National Grid

Cooking with Gas Bibliography

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