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A broad coalition of more than 25 organizations and researchers, the Gas Leaks Allies focus on reducing methane emissions from the natural gas distribution system while transitioning to fossil-free energy sources.

Our unconventional, interdisciplinary collaboration of scientists, gas experts, activists, and concerned community members is finding solutions for the problems caused by aging, leaking pipes buried in our neighborhoods.


Who We Are

The Gas Leaks Allies include representatives from a long list of organizations, experts, and concerned community members. We convene regularly in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Laws and Regulations

The Gas Leaks Allies work closely with legislative and agency leaders to pass laws and improve regulations regarding the gas distribution system in Massachusetts as well as the transition to renewable energy sources.

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The Gas Leaks Allies work on many issues associated with gas, from the distribution system in Massachusetts to public health, safety, methane emissions, and investments in gas infrastructure.

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The Gas Leaks Allies and our members are often featured or cited in the media for our work.

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